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The Cure for My Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal Allergies: A Foreign Concept

I never had seasonal allergies until about three years ago. It was a completely foreign concept. I grew up in Southern Maine where I lived for nineteen years; I lived in Texas, Delaware, West Virginia, Louisiana, Arizona, and Indiana. I didn’t experience seasonal allergies until I moved to Indiana.

I have no idea what it is about this area that activated my dormant allergy genes, but I didn’t like it. Since I had never experienced allergies prior I thought I was getting a cold. Scratchy throat, runny nose, itchy eyes—they wouldn’t go away. Colds never lasted that long for me, but these symptoms lived on and on.

When I finally came to the realization that I was experiencing seasonal allergy symptoms, I must say, I was quite offended. How could I possibly have allergies when I’ve lived all over this country and never had a single symptom before? But it was happening whether I liked it or not.


The War against the Allergies

Once I accepted the fact that I was now among the many who suffer from seasonal allergies I decided to wage war against my symptoms. I began with over-the-counter allergy medications. I tried several different types and brands but, even though they helped with the symptoms, they all left me tired and lethargic (even the non-drowsy ones). I started researching online for natural remedies. To be honest, the amount of information I encountered was quite overwhelming. I tried the raw local honey route, different herbs and vitamins to no avail.

I really wasn’t sure what to do. I really couldn’t afford to go to doctor or some kind of allergy specialist. I figured that I would just have to live with the symptoms of the allergies or the side effects of the meds. I was losing the war.


Word of Mouth

Before I continue I must say that I really don’t consider myself much of a product endorser. Yes, if I find something I really like I will usually share it with friends and family. I recommend movies on occasion, places to eat, and a good mechanic when I find one. I also occasionally write reviews for products that I’ve purchased online but, beyond that, I don’t do a whole lot of endorsing.

I certainly never considered blogging about a product. This is the exception.


Magic in a Bottle


There’s a great local health store called Judy’s Goodlife Emporium. I went in one day to pick up some wholefood multi-vitamins. I was experiencing some quite severe allergy symptoms at the time so I decided to ask the clerk if they had anything that was good for allergies. She recommended that I try a product from Rootology called Breathe Free. I decided that it was a worth a shot and picked up a bottle along with my vitamins. Best decision ever!

The bottle I picked up contained forty capsules. I looked over the ingredients, read the recommended dosage (two capsules as needed), and decided I was going to take a double dose since my allergies were making me miserable (scratchy throat, runny nose, itchy and water eyes). Within, I would say, about thirty minutes all of my symptoms were gone! Not better, but completely gone! The scratchy throat was gone. The runny nose was gone. The itching, watery eyes—gone.

I took two more capsules later that evening and, for the next month or so, took two capsules twice a day. Now, I only take them when there is a hint of an allergy symptom coming on. I haven’t experienced a single allergy symptom since I started using Breathe Free.


Give ‘em a Try

Of course I have no idea why these worked so well for me. I can’t say whether or not they will work for you as well as they did for me. I can say that it’s worth a shot trying them out if you suffer from seasonal allergies. Oh, I almost forgot, I haven’t experienced any negative side effects from Breathe Free like I did from the meds.

If you try them out and they work for you as well as they did for me, let me know!


Thanks for reading! God Bless!

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