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I wasn’t always a believer. In fact I was the camp of: “anyone who believes in a god is a weak-minded fool who cannot deal with their own fears of the unknown.” Even when I came to believe in the possible existence of the “supernatural” I certainly didn’t believe in a personal entity or being. In fact, in my early twenties I was very anti-anything-Christian. If I had known about Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, Michael Shermer, along with others like them back then, I’m certain they would have been my personal heroes.

Now, it is not my intention to share my “conversion story” at this point. Nor is it my objective to try to convince anyone at this time that Christianity is the way. My purpose for this particular page on my website is to share a small amount of information to cause you to think. That’s it.

If it isn’t obvious, let me be clear that the majority of the information on this page will be in support of the Christian worldview. I do encourage you to seek out arguments both opposing and in agreement with the subject matter I cover. Make your own decisions and draw your own conclusions. I have no interest in battling or arguing over the information provided. If you agree with it, great! If you don’t agree with it, well that’s great too! If you’re looking to be hostile and aggressive with your opinions then there are plenty of other places online for you to do so. I’m not receptive to that sort of thing. If, however, you have any sincere questions about any of the information provided, please feel free to contact me with your concerns.

This page is currently under construction. Please check back soon!